Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to videos on your iPod video

The iPod video known as the last generation iPod, which surprised the market and sales since its inception. It's actually the new device that can play video. If this looks fun, the technical part needs some guidance.

First of all should know that you can play the PSP and iPod, video of h. 264/MPEG-4 AAC-encoded audio tracks. Due to this fact, the resolution is rather limited, with the limitation of the bit rates that can be used on the device. For the new iPod video only 320 x 240 and 30 frames from the second half (for h. 264 video) up to 768 Kbit/s. The limits are up to 2 Mbit/s, 480 x 480, the same 30 frames per second for video MPEG-4. AAC audio bit rate is even still around 160 Kbps. After making boundaries, is the next step that the video source can be from a DVD or video on your computer.

In other words, Apple says that purely informative, that is the new iPod, as they call it the new iPod video screen, 15, published in the official website, may 25, 000, 000 photos and not less than 150 hours of video.

If you want to be a video from a DVD, the first thing you should do to insert the DVD into the device. Then should open (if it does not open immediately) Archive DVD and open the DVD menu. Check the settings of the DVD menu to set whatever you want meaning, language, subtitles or chapter. Start playback of the movie, navigation using the DVD menus. If the film begins, you have to press the record button and select the folder where you want to save the recorded files. When you click to stop recording, simply to stop button, and if the recording is a screen that confirms the file is now correctly.

If you want to convert a video to your computer to your iPod video, the first thing to do is go to file menu and click Open video file. Once the video is to begin, customize video the way you want to play that perfect moment. You can also define the perfect time to start recording with playback controls below. If you choose this click register and feel free to stop at any time. After recording, import video from a DVD, is exactly like when a message on the screen, say that everything went correctly.

If these principles to observe, carefully stored video and movies in your iPod and you are free to view at any time. However, you know, the iPod has limited space and resolution, meaning it must be selective in deciding what to keep and what to delete. The new iPod video is an innovative product and sophisticated, with pictures, music offers a chance to play for the first time that you connect to the video in a small digital units.

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