Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Critics on the new iPod video

The new iPod video has a variety of new qualities and among these, the most important is the role of the video, no doubt. Because the market has played a small handheld device really games but also video, was released the new iPod video with some suspicion of critics. The video iPod is the first portable video player in the market, just like the device says the leader in portable video player worldwide to be belonging to Sony, but above all is to play video games. However, a fact that was evident, shortly after the first half proved a surprisingly high this new sales department.

The main concern about the product was that fact is limited due to a small screen, that people are willing to see a serious film in it. In fact, studies show that he prefers most people only heard during the actual movie on a big screen, such as the cinema. On the other hand, the new mobile phone with video, which is so famous for the film for only a few minutes, Asia was the fact that he had a small display of light, could allow that not all details of the quality of the film used. Critics cite the fact that, at the same time on a bus, taxi or waiting in line for some video iPod in Office with his small screen a good solution after all, it might be. I.e., that such activity is a great snack or a big jump. On that basis, analysts mentioned if Apple really wanted on the market, you must choose iPod for one with a bigger screen for customers with much taste to long to watch movies on this device.

Another aspect that was discussed was the fact that the lower than expected is the battery life of this new device. The characteristics of the game took 8 hours to watch a movie, iPod video only season offers 2 hours of battery life, which is a big mistake if you try to view a complete digital movie in this small handheld device battery. Some critics have attacked the fact that it takes too much to download movies to iPod. If the play station portable, this task is feasible in less than 3 hours at the time that QuickTime 7 Pro to encode video in an iPod-friendly format for almost 12 hours.

Sales of new video iPod to the public accepts this new product with great interest, and that can play music, photos, save the sample movies at the same time, a fact that makes multifunctional device. Even if the new item received much criticism, think new shirt pocket video iPod, the youth of today, as one of the objects most shops and listen to thousands of music and other audio from DVDs, cameras, or directly from the Internet and download files on your computer.


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