Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comparison of handheld gaming station with iPod video

The new iPod video was one of the most amazing products, by 2006, video iPod, not including the beginning of the 5th generation iPod in 2005.

Even so, the natural comparison of clients (not only) that was between the portable gaming station, also known as the PSP and the new model of iPod. In fact, the PSP is a handheld game console, Sony Computer Entertainment, formed by the company in 2004. Public reaction to these new device, which was very different from anything on the market has been very good, because it allows customers to play the small units in the same time Watch clips and famous.

Comparison of these two devices or batteries, battery life, it is a fact that has taken much longer than the iPod PSP device. While playing a movie, and half the iPod battery dies after almost two hours, while the PSP battery up to more than 7 hours to a great advantage.

Compare the audio quality needs, said that both units offer a good quality audio; Even so, the iPod video was offered a sound slightly lighter than the play station portable. This is the law that is audio encoding on the data of the video iPod AAC audio files. On the other hand seemed to have the lowest PSP in some cases, but nevertheless, the difference was not significant and relevant. The quality of the video of the two devices is worthy of debate on another issue. It is known that the PSP has a much bigger screen. However, in this case the large advantage is not necessarily a better picture: administers the iPod, a very sharp image and show clear and crisp text (too long). On the other hand is in the discussion on the difference in the video, the fact that an iPod video takes some 12 hours to encode, while portable play station, only slightly less than 3 hours needs a video, do the same.

Comparing the two devices, it is obvious that have benefits and shortcomings. Although the video quality seems better than iPod video, PSP has a greater length and more rapid methods to encode video. However, it is a small device, iPod, of course, so some features are not, as in the case of PSP optimized. Also, is smaller, it is much easier to carry and use on several occasions. Studies have shown that the fact that both elements in the sale of holidays, which means that clients use as an element of entertainment on vacation in summer and winter.

2 Devices, although they are similar to their practical use in many ways back and forward or disadvantages and disadvantages. According to customer needs and desires, you can choose which best suits your needs, expectations of time or quality.

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