Friday, July 29, 2011

Campaigns for IPod and iPod video

The iPod has an interesting technical development, as well as an original and innovative promotion and advertising, which is different in style and themes of view before the first generation iPod, latest iPod video advertising campaigns.

Early campaigns focused on iPod and iTunes brands into new product updates. These campaigns were a thousand songs in your pocket, with lead, which was in November 2001 the slogan. The colors were chosen to encourage the early campaigns of iPod and full of life: turquoise, cyclamen, green grass and other bright colours have been selected to represent the idea of music and video, Visual and auditory sensations. Advertising regulation has been used at the same time with the traditional and other types of advertising BTL: there were several packets of light rail in towns occupied or Midtowns, using the same Visual message as banner. Large banners and posters that were displayed in various centres with high visibility. The promotion was intense and dynamic, with intense and optimal quality only for all elements: the colors were alive were real extravagance and dynamic display pictures. Television program centered around the idea of a music, dance and mobility and the text of this was the slogan of the product and the brand Apple (clear thinking) is limited.

In 2003, was the new campaign, the actions of Apple due to the connection with the launch of the iTunes music store. Focused in particular on the interpretation of popular songs of different people wear iPod campaign. This campaign was a great success, which belong to famous pop, rock and hip hop songs by artists such as Eminem, and Pink.

In that year in 2003, the iPod has published a new series of map was in silhouette, indicating the basis for most of the press-banners, posters and packages, including the appearance of the first generation iPod: the images were indeed black silhouettes of people dancing when wearing iPods. This new campaign was based on the same colours and dynamic images, as the campaign before they realized. It was even more the popularity of the music played in the success of the campaign because as the walk of the vines, Caesars-jerk out of it, Gorillaz ' feel good Inc., a man of Kylie walkie-talkies, jets are gonna be my girl, propellerheads, Ozomatli take California on Saturday night, N * E * R * D-rock star (Jason Nevin mix), Franz Ferdinand-"take me out and Daft Punk.

With the launch of the new iPod video, the image of the product and its promotion began to change. More ..., which means a great advantage compared with the expected new video feature that was the last model of 2005 was the motto of the new product. The map of this new product focuses on the capabilities of the display device. In fact, the presentation of outstanding original species from U2 Vertigo: live from Chicago DVD. based on the same idea, there was two video more Eminem and Wynton Marsalis. Yet at the same time the gift of showing the dancers silhouettes continue, but was changed to something more representative for the new device video: funds were no longer simple colors, texture and had had several models, as a symbol that was created in the image and the properties of the new model of iPod. Search in 2 versions of popular video with 2 artists ranging from one of the themes of hip hop music blue orange in cool jazz.

The latest version, released in March 2006 announcement style; not based on the silhouette on the other hand, chose producers for a video shows different covers, integration into an iPod nano, under the same theme songs in my Pocket thousands of more.

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