Thursday, July 21, 2011

Expectations of the new iPod video

The new iPod video appears with great expectations and hopes are fulfilled. Sound were waiting for better sound quality, with a large Photo Archives, video fans expect longer-lasting battery. And quality is the keyword for this expectation.
Some of the groups of customers with different expectations got what they wanted, others are disappointed and have other expectations of future editions of the iPod. In many ways, were surprised by the new iPod video, improvements compared to previous customers. Previous generations of iPod had some disadvantages and perhaps these aspects have been improved as a result the customer's expectations.

The first thing that has changed is the screen and size. Therefore, the quality of the screen, its clarity and the number of colors is impressive. The screen size is large enough to be his favorite watch videos, photos or images, so that the time would pass easily. Another important aspect, Bill, in talking about the improvements of the iPod should be brought down the quality of the screen and the image is referred to as usual obstacles of Sun, light Interior and exterior is not a problem. The fact that the memory of the new iPod video is so generous seems a bonus for image quality. There are also some functions that allow the creation of presentations made, very useful.

The length of the new iPod battery life video is awesome, that's why 30 GB 14-15 hours listening to music. The audition music 60 GB has almost 20 hours. Unfortunately, another aspect that has this good news of battery life for the concerns of the game. The drums during the video playback is not possible to only 2 hours, so long-term, films or other programs of more see this obstacle because of. Some accounts suggest that the stack memory and probably these complaints are longer, considering its huge bill establishing the new generation of iPod use.

Another aspect, which is expected and received with great joy, the memory is huge. In this way, some customers prefer the new iPod video only because this very aspect. Offers the possibility of digital images in the new iPod, classified in a photo album. Keep the memory of the new iPod video 30 GB 15,000 songs and 60 and 25,000 photos. Cover of living colour is the possibility of holding another advantage and great news for art lovers. A map can have the customer and verify up to 150 hours of digital video.

New features can meet almost all expectations and almost all requirements. Digital entertainment, the superior quality of some features that are sound, the best technology in MP3, Akkubetriebsdauer and memory domain of enormous value, is mentioned.

The disappointment with the new iPod video may include the result of expectations, the various categories of people with different interests. This can help reduce a hand of video of great development and can lead the change in the market. The release of new iPod video and disappointment about the features video can be the expression of new needs and demands of the market for iPod.

Even in the case of many disappointments or differences of opinion with some of the features and quality look that are true, they can help generations of iPod for future development. In this way can all fulfilled expectations and other requirements and can develop.

These improvements and new features are a great success and a new step in the development of new video devices with the possibility of which only the programs of television and the hit TV series. New iPod video meets the expectations of customers and, in particular the busy lifestyle, space for the crazy rhythm of modern life.

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