Sunday, July 31, 2011

The design of the new iPod video

The design of the new iPod video is similar to the previous edition, but is slimmer and has a thin build. The drawing is not surprising that much resembles the other, but were those which guarantee the success of the new features and improves upon the previous models. The striking feature is the size and large capacity and functions.

The new iPod video is approximately 10 percent thinner than last generation iPod and even more: the fourth generation iPod had iPod has about 30 or 20 GB and 60 GB video. The new iPod video LCD screen has a larger-format 2, 5-inch QVGA resolution. You can watch a video while using 65,000 colours, in fact, due to screen high quality special and the final touch is the design as possible.

Most reviews pointed out the striking design of the new iPod video, beauty, that can easily any iPod fan that hit. Displaying crisp and colourful is capable of great charm can conquer this new element for growth and a heart.

The special design gives with the help of a clear polycarbonate case, who plays the role of a protective cover for iPod at the same time. In a sense, a classic design with every new post is a modern fashion trends and refuse to create a new image for the iPod. It is perhaps the aspect that customers of all ages, is still an option available for nearly all tastes and preferences to win. Cases that even Arlas can choose, taking into account the age, preference for color or other relevant aspects.

However, the design can be a big success of this new feature of the new iPod than previous editions of the iPod. Add only with iPod nano and the fifth generation iPod interface, the tone was slightly modified a "brushed metal"-effect.

Although it is not in love with the new features of the new iPod video, it may be that the fact does not deny that its design is wonderful. And from this point of view can be used as a portable video device. Because the new iPod video has no competitors and may be in the list of the first Pocket video devices. The design of this new generation display device is therefore very important. The design of new generations of iPod video, but also the specific form of life is always more to the taste of today and almost always in a hurry.

Simple and elegant design are most often cited advantage of the new iPod video. Some of the other mentioned benefits can include clarity, style, very slim-line, great integration with iTunes, also in the category screen design. The elegant design is also a sexy some customers in their exams, the fact that customers may refer young people by age to use this language.

Other features of the design iPod videos can be seen the big picture view of the crystal-clear quality accessories, fine and elegant and accessible navigation system. More often mentioned this problem in the design of the iPod video reviews of slightly striated surface. This maybe considered a downside complementary surface can design.

The amazing new iPod video design is the fact, that is completely waterproof protection. The new Housing is designed to provide excellent protection for the display of video iPod against scratches and other potential hazards or damage. Another aspect is the fact that resists audio waterproof headphones, which is at a depth of 10 feet (3 M) with H2O.

In addition, there are cases of leather flip available with special design, which provides access to all the buttons while the iPod video is in the case.

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