Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Advantages and disadvantages in the new iPod video

The April 12, 2005, the company announced the next Apple's video iPod. The product was to show a new feature of the device, i.e. the ability to playback video.

As each new item that appears in the market, iPod video, fans and critics, has managed to get at the same time. Why is a new and innovative element that brought something different to the concept of iPod, new iPod video started many debates with regard to their use, accessories, quality and all kinds of technical, aesthetic and Visual.

The tests are up to now, declare that the image quality of the new iPod is very good and also the letter clear. However, the use of new device more confused. While some critics who say that revolutions the concept of the iPod, which meant that so far, only heard and not only, as others keep the topic is not practical. As a muscle relaxant activity, is a comfortable space and a certain amount of time, it seems the idea of the movie on iPod, on-the-fly or perform other activities to promote. Further, some people prefer, movie, live a widescreen movie earlier or at home. For this reason, the idea of the iPod actually to view music videos or short episodes of the limited series. The new model of iPod battery dies after 2 hours of play, in the case of many films, it is still enough time to stop. However, it certainly offers the best way to pass the time while iPod sit waiting in a line in the city or in the cabin during the long journey.

On the other hand, that is to play the new iPod not all film or video. Even the drums thinking work perfect for just 2 hours when playing a movie all that time is the estimated useful life of 20 hours (music), compared to 16 hours, which offered the latest model of iPod, this is a great advantage. In addition, the new iPod video has the largest color display after the appearance of the devices in the year 2001, which can be used, as well as video playback, with good visibility of the image and the sharpness of the text; In addition, the new iPod video provides thumbnails of Photos from different cameras introduced full-size. The protective cover for the main facility, located next to the iPod nano, just scratching is the previous generation of this product most accessories. The hull is made of a plastic material in a shade of pale grey with visible stitching and a velvet like internal surface. The technical qualities and practices to discuss the testing that has seen the new look of the device, the more acute and more elegant, in shades of black and white.

Shows the new model of iPod, without doubt, has developed the company's popular consumer brand and exaggerated Apple needs more. On this basis, it is expected that the new iPod at even more with the new settings of video and enhanced accessories.

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