Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IPod video package

Redefines the trend, the company Apple for their packages will be established with each new aspect of a product. In fact, the quest to find the appropriate package and aesthetics and customization check box, the product and customer needs is concentrated in a more compact packaging and at the same time, with expressive, discover also thin artistic touch. Due to the nature of the presentation of the product of iPod videos, practical and aesthetic, be tempted to Visual properties and symbolize the quality of the new product in some way.

6 Was the original packaging of iPod "desktop Cube". The field must be the distance sheath has been explained as a flower. The first package of iPod reflects the image that the company has tried to promote: exuberant style, expressive, lively and intense colors and sounds. The onset of the following types of iPod, this image of the product has become a more mature, an image that has been expressed from the countryside, the package and the overall design of the product.

The color iPod video black color only, this is very risky, but original, taking into account that the more important that the device has a redirection of color, motion and video. Still, there are various accents of silver in the field, which represents the logo of the block and the text. Even so, the color of the table fits with the real iPod colors: black and white, like the iPod Nano. By selecting these colors and this type of packaging, Apple wanted a new look more sophisticated and elegant product; along with this point of view, moving another set for the product and the sound of shooting.

The field is different, as well as the first flower-like the first generation iPod: iPod video table is rather flat and square, to look more stylish and more serious. Works, this area, as well as a DVD box set in reality as a manga, as well as with an open end, but there is also a different inside picture, very well established in it. Internal dialogue into two distinctive parts: the iPod and the other contains a portion of a monolith.

The package is missing a manual (still has a house small Guide); On the other hand, has a CD that contains all the necessary instructions for the use of iPod video. In addition, the field contains a statement of relevant copyright and think and a protective cover for iPod. The CD contains a corresponding PDF file Displays instructions, which adapts to any computer that is running the English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. Another package includes a USB cable and the ear buds; This type of headphone iPod has children must be protected to open the dialog box.

The new product is iPod video, as well as several improvements in the Technical Department (such as video is the most important), another package, a different image and the way of presentation. Success in the new package, practical stay, but it is safer. In addition, the new package offers a sophisticated and elitist image of the product, which focused on sophisticated touches and neutral colors.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Map of iPod Video

IPod video was an amazing new device due to the new image and quality which could offer station: video playback. Also, iPods have experienced continuous growth since its appearance on the market, which means that public expectations and more potential customers for this product. With a new offer and design, the new product was iPod video series still some authentic and some suspects are due to its bad or less realistic.

How was the product not yet in stores and not the product sample is provided that the people, there was a series of controversial jokes and sight (in terms of authenticity), which was published in a circle on the Internet. Bring a new function and relevant device as a function of the video are the prospective customers through product development and captured for the purpose of displaying, founded. This map is the iPod video is unreal (in other words, the real iPod has a different design and other optical properties). The presentation was very brief, as it only took 15 seconds. The video begins with some corners of the new device that presents a computerized.

Convert one side of the device and the other a presents the band black eyed peas played a screen, including the most recent video (bomb). Music and rhythm were fast and dynamic, and so were the figures danced while driving. Suddenly, the motto, which was shortly after the introduction of the new hand held, was published to cinema and cut the new hand expression in cinema and the new set appeared on the screen what iPod introduction of the new new iPod.

The controversy surrounding this presentation focuses on the fact that the true video iPod features that one was not on the screen: the appearance of the actual device very much like the generation 1 to 4 of the iPod, which is through the buttons on the screen, but the screen reveals a has a great schermoHa completed one side of the device.

There are many new iPod video ads that are safe and authentic. The basic idea of this is the fact that the music listening as a see also as well as the fair. Therefore, the company Apple has opted for integration of famous artists in the exhibition for your product: Show selected original species from U2 Vertigo-live from Chicago DVD and two other featured Eminem and Wynton Marsalis. Display of this artist were much longer than usual and plays famous songs indeed, but not with their videos; He chose instead the producers for some authentic photos illustrates performances these artists would be more spontaneous and natural. The map of this new product focuses on the capabilities of your video device, and at the same time, the producers wanted the new range of possibilities to symbolize that had to offer the new model of iPpod.

The basic idea of the show was clear, even if these 3 very different objectives. Based on the client for the new device with different origins and different ages are the producers and the marketing reached represent generations some artists to choose and better represent their taste and lifestyle: Eminem music for kids and hip-hop, Wynton Marsalis is representative for adults who love classical music and jazz, and U2 is somewhere between the other 2 opposing styles.

View parallel with the dancers of silhouettes with more specified at the bottom, was followed by the video options. The point of view of the video iPod, which eventually developed the product, has a more mature and optimized features.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Accessories for iPod video

Accessories compatible with the video iPod, because it increases the importance and success of the new display device. In some cases for all tastes, requirements and configuration. You can't worry about the age or a special configuration of people can bring the iPod and the case for them as a gift.

Other accessories of chargers, earphones are headphones of different models. Even a speaker there, specifically for the new iPod video. You can find various types of skins, stickers stickers, bags, bag, remote control, 3.5 splitter iPlug, backpack with speakers and, of course, different connection cables and adapters suited for the new iPod video.

There are several tabs available-video cassette adapter for iPod for 3.5 mm adapter for iPod audio cable 3.5 mm cinch, lighter battery charger for Apple iPod video, iPod video, iPod video, iPod Car Charger Adapter USB home charger, USB black car video, iPod video car charger adapter, iPod video Car Charger 12V-Netzadapter wall. You can find different trasmitter to iPod video, and this is the case with free iPod FM transmitter and iPod tune audio video video WALL-II FM transmitter audio.

Several cables are of great help and iPod video-iPod video FireWire 1394 have data Dync Fleece Apple iPod and iPod mini, iPod video retractable USB 2.0 sync data for Apple iPod, iPod to USB 2.0 extension cable, cable video requires Apple iPod USB 2.0 sync data cable iPod video. It should also be iPod video USB data transfer key, advanced battery pack w/pocket for iPod video, Walet with coats of protective metal cases for different colors, different colors.

There are also some other useful accessories for the new iPod video and can optimally bracelet bags of various types of cases-leather strap holders G5 Kroo Kroo Melrose belt clip clips bags, iPod video.

You can also a holder of universal PDA XS video iPod and an iPod docking station, which bought especially for the car. Other accessories are also useful and have an interesting design video iPod XS assorted rhinestones to Rhinestones, iPod XS 100.

Other accessories to draw speakers style and technique-iPod video creative digital wireless headphones CB2530 Bluetooth, next-generation video iPod boom Naztech N20 and docking station for iPod video fach-Up with portable speakers for music and MP3. Other accessories include mount desktop dock iPod video 1000e desktop dock station, iPod video dock for iPod w/USB and FireWire.

All these accessories refer to the fact that a simple portable audio device is of great importance, taking into account all versions of book cases and skins. The video iPod has many accessories, some of them are appropriate for the lifestyle, the configuration and the taste of the customers. Others are necessary for the transmission of information, to adjust or other useful activities in the field of technology.

Another important aspect is the fact that they are special, accessories for iPod video with large screens and more subtle small. Cases, skins and stickers have the function of the reference to the beauty, simplicity and intense colours. On the other hand, a note with a protective role and personality, the lifestyle of the user. These aspects are very important for users younger than iPod video-young.

Other accessories are more or less necessary, taking into account the amount in the user's iPod fever and how he used all other activities related to the iPod video. As usual, in a world on the move, all accessories and special equipment of the great need for a modern person is a modern lifestyle can be.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Buyer's destination for iPod video

Each new version of a product obtained the interest of a certain type of people. While men and women in technology in beauty products, seems more interested, while young before the start of a new product, the main objective of its new product as books rather than hear from suppliers are exactly adults, games and music. For example, the iPod video is one of the new versions of grasp for having a special form of the buyer.

The fate of the new device buyers are certainly, young people and adults looking to buy a great present for their children. In this example, the adult critics often doesn't know the characteristics of the new device say well and can be what they used to so parents have more important things should be done, that some children may be using iPod to download directly (because this new iPod video allows you to do) some materials on the websites only for adults. More specifically, the fate of iPod video customers are somewhere between 16 and 30, but there are different categories, so that they can fit into this group. Among these are the people of 30 years which are still modern and want to keep focused on new versions of the Department. In addition, there are several clients who are one of the first, second, third or fourth generation iPod and simply want your topic can update and view your clips and movies on the device.

On the other hand, sales so far clearly prove the fact that new iPod video and is bought by men, women. In many cases that it has bought the iPod, which as a gift for many occasions, are available, as it is consistent, original and useful.

Due to a new iPod video is pretty and investments are rare cases in which young people could buy one with your own money. However, parents seem willing to pay the sum required to see his children happy. The fact that the best-selling device before Christmas and summer holidays showed sales of iPod video. Since use of the new iPod video is one of the nicest ways to pass the time (for example providing opportunities for audio and video), iPod is used extensively while people are on holiday.

The new iPod video has many fans so far, and that even more people interested in new features that offer iPod, buy your item. So far, sales bearing the number of buyers and people are increasingly receptive to the device and its capabilities. At the same time to adapt to people quickly to new technologies, so expect more than the next company, Apple's iPod. Because of this, the team of engineers and had already in the next iPod, optimized works that also brings many new features and accessories, new innovative capacity, which will surprise the market.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The style of the new iPod video

First of all offer devices for the practical use of technical devices. Still, it's a concern in these devices is as expressed his particular style well not negligible.

The design of the new iPod video is single and series of iPod, which has basically four generations of this device is different from all other models. First, the design of the new iPod has had to adapt to the characteristics of the product better. Secondly, the most important factor in the design of this element was the fact that, had to have a large and colorful screen to provide the function of video at a high level. Moreover, even if it is a technical device, the iPod had always a same way, the element next to a provider of music (photos and video by now), take a modern young favorite accessory. This considering that the design team managed Apple engineers, YOU pay more attention to the aesthetic characteristics of the device and provide little details that really did see the iPod toll at the end.

The iPod were already appear on market in different colors found. The intense and bright pink iPod first generation in the elegant and popular destination was the style of iPod, also in different colors to keep. Even more concentrated is the most popular iPod screen intense Orange, turquoise, pink and bright green. The iPod video is on the market today in two colors: black and white and the choice of these colours is that on the one hand the previous iPod nano had the same colors was a product of great success, has already been published and promote this device with a sleek and slim to see the other side, the fact that with the new iPod video of that era of marketing and advertising team more serious. However, the ear held outbreaks of this device, the same white color as were the first appearance of the iPod on the market in 2001.

See those who believe that the fact that some black as expected even mention the ear buds, appearance and design of the new iPod video in other fit better with the elegant appearance of Black iPod video. Also, in the colors of the new iPod video, you mention the fact that while people have predicted that the white iPod video requires more maintenance than the black, the reality is that dirt into the black is much more visible. At the same time, Apple offers in great package that contains a protective cover for the video device iPpod. This manga is light gray in color, and can protect the iPod and keep clean at the same time.

The new package of iPod video brings new aesthetic and elegant: the text and the Apple logo on the packaging with black, looking for the silver package you are elegant and non-elitist, that's exactly what I wanted to.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sales of the new iPod video

IPods have a market since its introduction in 2001. With the arrival of the new iPod video on the market in 2005, the iPod was more popular as meagres high in sales and a growing public interest. IPod video sales in General were better than expectations. Taking into consideration the fact that the new product, a new factor in the market, which never has been tested and customers served at the idea that the iPod is for music and a small part is for pictures, surprised the sales of the producer as surprised the product to the customer and the user.

In fact, the video iPods available two versions of the device: model 30 GB and 60 GB, which are both QVGA h. 264 video. In the last holiday season, sales were very high, such as purchasing post said before taking the summer to be more interested in people with folding. Due to this fact, the new iPod video has proven to be a wide range of vacation time. In fact, the last holiday season for a 30% increase in sales, a constant amount. On the other hand, the new iPod video showed an excellent Christmas gift, as sales show that sales of the iPod before this important religious feast is significantly greater. A more sales in the history of the iPod was made for Apple iPod + hp, started in 2004. In the early months of the year 2006, the turnover Apple reached 565 million dollars, which was the highest number in the history of the company. The ship was in fact 6 Apple increased iPod 16 million 66% in early 2005, during the same period in 2004.

The new range of iPods are further improved and a new range of features and new accessories, which further increases the popularity of these products. After calls to the famous exhibition Macworld, which took place on January 10, 2006, reported sales of $ 42 million, which won a share of 14 million in the first quarter of the year include the official speakers. Optimized with more expectations for the team of future Apple now focused on building a further distribution of the sixth generation iPod.

The iPod was sold until the emergence on the market of iPod video, iPod nano product which has had excellent results right from the start. Studies and research show that most consumers want and customize easily from their video content, meaning quality and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. IPod video taken to launch a new set of features, the perception that the people of this small but powerful device has changed. With a memory that may contain a list of 15 matches, 000 25, 000 songs, pictures and complete up to 150 hours of video and film, the new iPod was a new innovative product and the market embraces originality and exciting new features.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The new iPod video photos

One of these digital devices more recent and popular in the market of iPod video again today is, without doubt. The small unit has improved significantly since the launch of the latest model and developing more important is the ability to playback video.

Still watching movies or music videos, the new iPod video isn't that about already exist several improvements from the latest model, accessories and enhancement of the capacity. As a manufacturer of Apple product development: witness the development of the revolution. Played songs. The following images. Below, pod casts. Now plays iPod videos. Import and storage of photos was an important feature of the latest iPod models and continues to be, even with the new video capabilities.

IPod video, as well as previous generations of the iPod, you can import a camera or a card reader in a digital format photos. One of the best choices for this is the connector on the camera by Apple that works with a camera and a USB card reader. Even so, use can also lead intensive battery of iPod camera connector, or use the Apple Belkin reader (for generations of iPod without the iPod video, which is not compatible with Belkin). Camera USB 1.1, the remains of the battery were charged half the procedure. The image transfer with UBB-1. Camera, iPod Displays thumbnails of the imported images. You can examine the images eventually, but you can see on television.

The new iPod video offers some options for photo albums, thanks to high-quality images and photos. Can evaluate or make slide shows and major Besides new iPod video full size offering thumbnails of photos.

Another feature of the fifth generation iPod, associated with the role of the photo is big screen which gives this version of the iPod. The screen is still größte created by appearance of these elements in the market. Also, the screen shows sharp text and optimizes the brightness; as long titles can be read easily. Due to this fact, the images are too large and sharp. Although the Apple company that promotes longer battery life (20 hours from 16 hours was the last model of the iPod), the battery is rapidly downwards if the backlight is on it. The backlight, however, is not required in most situations, as the text is legible and the images have good visibility in direct sunlight or bright light indoors.

Importing images and save the functionality of the new iPod video has changed considerably compared to the last model of this device, which lead to a better response from the public and a more streamlined device. With the new range of import and image archiving features iPod video improvements in this area with improvements evident in video processing. The company Apple symbolizes the ability of new video iPod for mention of the new device can be up to 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos, shop and up to 150 hours of video.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The latest version iPod video-iPod

IPods have a large market, since it made its appearance in 2001, almost 5 years ago. Today is a favorite activity of individuals, the continued development of this device was an important requirement to ensure that the new product with a wide range of new features, functionality and accessories. The iPod has evolved from a simple music player for a total of basic music player and picture viewer and recorder now a music and video.

The main novelty of the latest generation of iPods, namely, the fifth generation, is the video. In essence, these small devices, innovative and technologically advanced MPEG-4 compatible and h. h. 264 video in high resolution, not far from a VSH. Really can be more precisely expressed, types of chassis of h. 264 video codec up to 768 Kbit/second and images as large as 320 pixels up to 30 frames per second and all the video bit Rate of 240 pixels height. Compare the iPod video with TV 27 FPS or 24 FPS film, it is clear that the small device is much better. The audio signal, compared to CD, which is superior quality video iPod. On the other hand, support video MPEG-4 with a rate of 2,500 kilobits per second, and so large images like 480 pixels wide and 480 pixels high, i.e. three times the screen size today (compared to h. 264 video supports iPod screen images of the same size as the PF).

So far have received comments on this article-quality moving images with colors is great, almost perfect, even if the device with a television to watch a video. Also, can the true video iPod is possible thanks to a larger screen to see, even the high visibility of sharp text and photos. But even if the battery until the last claimed 20 hours, which is an evolution from the latest model of iPod, the battery is consumed quickly, to watch videos.

The number of improvements since the last iPod model is impressive: the new iPod video comes with a new design, but in black and white, colours and a new series of accessories, world clock, headsets smaller and CA-Briefcase with thin cover and FireWire cable. In relation to the new package design, the iPod video comes with a new look: the field is flat and square shaped. the new color is black with silver accents, such as the Apple logo and the text.

The latest generation of iPod has surprised the market in many ways: by the ability of video with other functions improved since last year 2005 and changes in design and package to improve and complete range of accessories available with the new iPod video. Developing iPod shows a growing interest in the ongoing development of this device, taking always into account the needs and desires of consumers. He has predicted that the next generation still has been optimized for iPod, with many changes in the configuration of the video and a higher capacity battery while watching the video.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The image features of new iPod video

Although the size of the new iPod video are smaller, thinner screen, the screen size is larger, the image quality is better. These benefits are not the only, as the new iPod video has more surprises on the image and the screen.

Large color screen and the small size of the audio and video device is the beauty of the new iPod video. This allows you to read the menu, options and possibilities that has a bright, sharp text.

The quality of the new iPod video screen can be compared with the image quality of a television series and can also be the winner of this contest. The design of new iPod and video capabilities are very well thought out is the most important thing is that the resolution is 320 x 240. The quality of resolution is comparable to the quality of VHS video tape, less than half will be that of DVD. Therefore, sunny climate compared very bright rooms are no problem for watching videos on iPod video. These obstacles are great enemies of previous small videos and these handheld devices, especially if this is the case of the new iPod video.

The option to see your favorite music videos and Pixar or Disney videos, TV on the road, was a matter of dreams away not too long ago. And this dream is now possible because the next step in video technology.

In addition, the new iPod video has some amazing possibilities with photo albums of high quality images. You can evaluate your photos, or you can create with your favorite presentations so that his last moments voids can be filled with wonderful memories. This is also because of the common obstacles removed (bright sun, inside or outside) of other various mini-video surveillance video devices. Another important aspect, which concerns the choices, the iPod video that provides full size thumbnails for the photos.

You can also import new iPod video digital photos directly from your camera or card reader. While thumbnails of imported pictures in the screen of the iPod this transfer. After the transfer of the above, you can examine the imported images. Unfortunately, you cannot view the images transferred on TV.

The image of the new iPod video is surprisingly clear, bright and sharp, taking into account the size of the screen. Excellent music and video in the same hand is more lighthearted message, great benefits and features of thoughts.

While the longevity of the battery to see the videos are just 2 hours, the new device video has a great success and great for those who are very busy. This solution is ideal for spending the time on the bus, train or plane, maybe wait or that there are only a jump in the Office. Eventually, the new iPod video is a great music player with some video playback functions slightly, to use could pass the time faster.

The combination of excellent image and sound is a very good performance and a tempting offer for lovers of Pocket music and other aspects of contemporary life. These aspects of the new iPod video are preferred above all young people with her crazy lifestyle. However, some adults as the high quality of the image, display options and album photos also can. These aspects make it easy to pictures, videos and photos to share with others.

Is the best combination of high-quality picture and sound quality are in the new iPod video. The news is still represented by the video functionality in a portable device, is a step in the technology of video.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The development of the iPod-from his appearance in the iPod video

Technology innovation of newer and more popular iPod is without a doubt, the iPod video. However, it is only the result of a long investigation of the history of the iPod for the manufacture of innovative device.

The advent of the iPod was a greater application of marketing r.: the lack of quality of digital music players was significant for consumers interested in contrast with the growing number of digital devices, cameras, camcorders and organizers. Due to this fact, Apple production activities by creating a team of qualified engineers to develop the mechanism and design of iPod soon-to-first, less than a year leading technical and practical research. The introduction of new and interesting products was held on October 23, 2001 and soon, the market embraced the new product. Developing your first iPod, which has been revealed makes the iPod video almost five years proves the intense and continuous research of skilled engineers. The next important step in the development of this device was the version of the iPod version 2 for Mac and Windows users that have increased sales and the number of potential customers. In fact, he sold the iPod with a high rate that the continuous improvement of product, is a requirement for the position of leadership in the market (selling price registered more than 42 million units since the launch of the product).

In 2005, the new and improved iPod was revealed when they held the fourth generation of these devices; The new model introduced for the first time color display. In the spring of 2006, Samsung announced the company, you must supply the media processor for a new model of iPod, an improved version of the device by Apple. Soon after introduced the fifth generation iPod video, which means that has capabilities for video playback, video playback and best features of the organization. The launch was celebrated together with the new innovative iPod models: iPod nano with color screen and the iPod shuffle, were the top sellers of 2005.

The fifth generation iPod was all many new exciting small unit, under the slogan still something Show ... Basically the video iPod or iPod video was available on the capacity of 30 and 60 GB, the market had skill, MPEG-4 and h. 264and play much higher resolution, up to 480/480. A color screen and position 16 bit displays all kinds of videos on a television, the new product a market hit by his appearance. On the design of the new iPod is, like the previous iPod (fourth-generation nano model) in 2 colors, black and white, but there are a variety of applications and advanced features: clock, stopwatch and screen capture applications, a small headphones, a case of thin sheet, FireWire cable and AC adapter. Regarding the size, the new iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43 inches for the 30 GB version 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55 inches for the 60 GB version (sold to the new model at the same price). The screen size has been changed to diagonal, 2.5 (6.35 cm) 0.5 inch (12.7 mm), which means that the screen iPod video is larger than the former. The product is still thinner than the last model, iPod nano and the battery life of 16 hours to 20 hours. Yet little is a video device, movies in about 2-3 hours battery life.

History of stop and evolution allows the iPod, one of the most innovative products are sold in the market of digital devices with millions of customers worldwide and growing.