Friday, August 5, 2011

Sales of the new iPod video

IPods have a market since its introduction in 2001. With the arrival of the new iPod video on the market in 2005, the iPod was more popular as meagres high in sales and a growing public interest. IPod video sales in General were better than expectations. Taking into consideration the fact that the new product, a new factor in the market, which never has been tested and customers served at the idea that the iPod is for music and a small part is for pictures, surprised the sales of the producer as surprised the product to the customer and the user.

In fact, the video iPods available two versions of the device: model 30 GB and 60 GB, which are both QVGA h. 264 video. In the last holiday season, sales were very high, such as purchasing post said before taking the summer to be more interested in people with folding. Due to this fact, the new iPod video has proven to be a wide range of vacation time. In fact, the last holiday season for a 30% increase in sales, a constant amount. On the other hand, the new iPod video showed an excellent Christmas gift, as sales show that sales of the iPod before this important religious feast is significantly greater. A more sales in the history of the iPod was made for Apple iPod + hp, started in 2004. In the early months of the year 2006, the turnover Apple reached 565 million dollars, which was the highest number in the history of the company. The ship was in fact 6 Apple increased iPod 16 million 66% in early 2005, during the same period in 2004.

The new range of iPods are further improved and a new range of features and new accessories, which further increases the popularity of these products. After calls to the famous exhibition Macworld, which took place on January 10, 2006, reported sales of $ 42 million, which won a share of 14 million in the first quarter of the year include the official speakers. Optimized with more expectations for the team of future Apple now focused on building a further distribution of the sixth generation iPod.

The iPod was sold until the emergence on the market of iPod video, iPod nano product which has had excellent results right from the start. Studies and research show that most consumers want and customize easily from their video content, meaning quality and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. IPod video taken to launch a new set of features, the perception that the people of this small but powerful device has changed. With a memory that may contain a list of 15 matches, 000 25, 000 songs, pictures and complete up to 150 hours of video and film, the new iPod was a new innovative product and the market embraces originality and exciting new features.

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