Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The latest version iPod video-iPod

IPods have a large market, since it made its appearance in 2001, almost 5 years ago. Today is a favorite activity of individuals, the continued development of this device was an important requirement to ensure that the new product with a wide range of new features, functionality and accessories. The iPod has evolved from a simple music player for a total of basic music player and picture viewer and recorder now a music and video.

The main novelty of the latest generation of iPods, namely, the fifth generation, is the video. In essence, these small devices, innovative and technologically advanced MPEG-4 compatible and h. h. 264 video in high resolution, not far from a VSH. Really can be more precisely expressed, types of chassis of h. 264 video codec up to 768 Kbit/second and images as large as 320 pixels up to 30 frames per second and all the video bit Rate of 240 pixels height. Compare the iPod video with TV 27 FPS or 24 FPS film, it is clear that the small device is much better. The audio signal, compared to CD, which is superior quality video iPod. On the other hand, support video MPEG-4 with a rate of 2,500 kilobits per second, and so large images like 480 pixels wide and 480 pixels high, i.e. three times the screen size today (compared to h. 264 video supports iPod screen images of the same size as the PF).

So far have received comments on this article-quality moving images with colors is great, almost perfect, even if the device with a television to watch a video. Also, can the true video iPod is possible thanks to a larger screen to see, even the high visibility of sharp text and photos. But even if the battery until the last claimed 20 hours, which is an evolution from the latest model of iPod, the battery is consumed quickly, to watch videos.

The number of improvements since the last iPod model is impressive: the new iPod video comes with a new design, but in black and white, colours and a new series of accessories, world clock, headsets smaller and CA-Briefcase with thin cover and FireWire cable. In relation to the new package design, the iPod video comes with a new look: the field is flat and square shaped. the new color is black with silver accents, such as the Apple logo and the text.

The latest generation of iPod has surprised the market in many ways: by the ability of video with other functions improved since last year 2005 and changes in design and package to improve and complete range of accessories available with the new iPod video. Developing iPod shows a growing interest in the ongoing development of this device, taking always into account the needs and desires of consumers. He has predicted that the next generation still has been optimized for iPod, with many changes in the configuration of the video and a higher capacity battery while watching the video.

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