Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IPod video package

Redefines the trend, the company Apple for their packages will be established with each new aspect of a product. In fact, the quest to find the appropriate package and aesthetics and customization check box, the product and customer needs is concentrated in a more compact packaging and at the same time, with expressive, discover also thin artistic touch. Due to the nature of the presentation of the product of iPod videos, practical and aesthetic, be tempted to Visual properties and symbolize the quality of the new product in some way.

6 Was the original packaging of iPod "desktop Cube". The field must be the distance sheath has been explained as a flower. The first package of iPod reflects the image that the company has tried to promote: exuberant style, expressive, lively and intense colors and sounds. The onset of the following types of iPod, this image of the product has become a more mature, an image that has been expressed from the countryside, the package and the overall design of the product.

The color iPod video black color only, this is very risky, but original, taking into account that the more important that the device has a redirection of color, motion and video. Still, there are various accents of silver in the field, which represents the logo of the block and the text. Even so, the color of the table fits with the real iPod colors: black and white, like the iPod Nano. By selecting these colors and this type of packaging, Apple wanted a new look more sophisticated and elegant product; along with this point of view, moving another set for the product and the sound of shooting.

The field is different, as well as the first flower-like the first generation iPod: iPod video table is rather flat and square, to look more stylish and more serious. Works, this area, as well as a DVD box set in reality as a manga, as well as with an open end, but there is also a different inside picture, very well established in it. Internal dialogue into two distinctive parts: the iPod and the other contains a portion of a monolith.

The package is missing a manual (still has a house small Guide); On the other hand, has a CD that contains all the necessary instructions for the use of iPod video. In addition, the field contains a statement of relevant copyright and think and a protective cover for iPod. The CD contains a corresponding PDF file Displays instructions, which adapts to any computer that is running the English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. Another package includes a USB cable and the ear buds; This type of headphone iPod has children must be protected to open the dialog box.

The new product is iPod video, as well as several improvements in the Technical Department (such as video is the most important), another package, a different image and the way of presentation. Success in the new package, practical stay, but it is safer. In addition, the new package offers a sophisticated and elitist image of the product, which focused on sophisticated touches and neutral colors.

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