Monday, August 1, 2011

The development of the iPod-from his appearance in the iPod video

Technology innovation of newer and more popular iPod is without a doubt, the iPod video. However, it is only the result of a long investigation of the history of the iPod for the manufacture of innovative device.

The advent of the iPod was a greater application of marketing r.: the lack of quality of digital music players was significant for consumers interested in contrast with the growing number of digital devices, cameras, camcorders and organizers. Due to this fact, Apple production activities by creating a team of qualified engineers to develop the mechanism and design of iPod soon-to-first, less than a year leading technical and practical research. The introduction of new and interesting products was held on October 23, 2001 and soon, the market embraced the new product. Developing your first iPod, which has been revealed makes the iPod video almost five years proves the intense and continuous research of skilled engineers. The next important step in the development of this device was the version of the iPod version 2 for Mac and Windows users that have increased sales and the number of potential customers. In fact, he sold the iPod with a high rate that the continuous improvement of product, is a requirement for the position of leadership in the market (selling price registered more than 42 million units since the launch of the product).

In 2005, the new and improved iPod was revealed when they held the fourth generation of these devices; The new model introduced for the first time color display. In the spring of 2006, Samsung announced the company, you must supply the media processor for a new model of iPod, an improved version of the device by Apple. Soon after introduced the fifth generation iPod video, which means that has capabilities for video playback, video playback and best features of the organization. The launch was celebrated together with the new innovative iPod models: iPod nano with color screen and the iPod shuffle, were the top sellers of 2005.

The fifth generation iPod was all many new exciting small unit, under the slogan still something Show ... Basically the video iPod or iPod video was available on the capacity of 30 and 60 GB, the market had skill, MPEG-4 and h. 264and play much higher resolution, up to 480/480. A color screen and position 16 bit displays all kinds of videos on a television, the new product a market hit by his appearance. On the design of the new iPod is, like the previous iPod (fourth-generation nano model) in 2 colors, black and white, but there are a variety of applications and advanced features: clock, stopwatch and screen capture applications, a small headphones, a case of thin sheet, FireWire cable and AC adapter. Regarding the size, the new iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43 inches for the 30 GB version 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55 inches for the 60 GB version (sold to the new model at the same price). The screen size has been changed to diagonal, 2.5 (6.35 cm) 0.5 inch (12.7 mm), which means that the screen iPod video is larger than the former. The product is still thinner than the last model, iPod nano and the battery life of 16 hours to 20 hours. Yet little is a video device, movies in about 2-3 hours battery life.

History of stop and evolution allows the iPod, one of the most innovative products are sold in the market of digital devices with millions of customers worldwide and growing.

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