Saturday, March 19, 2011

I felt that it was the end of the world, when my friend told me that it was to break me. The future with us to be together had already planned to be. Unfortunately, he planned on solo.

He had thrown me. He said he no longer wanted and wants to be out of the relationship. But I simply could not let him also if; It would be foolish of me, not the relationship ends. What happened and left me a contrite heart and soul.

To my friend wants to go back, I need to bring to your attention in his life my absence. Even after the departure of forms, it could communicate in many ways with him.

Was there some cases where could even call it and leave a message on his answering machine, which is good. I would say, was also thinking about it. Think about what you previously makes me realize my fault, because only made him uncomfortable.

Then suddenly hit me, the wine right in my head. I called over it. I myself, promised that when I return, I miss I. Understand that it is to lose the best person ever! And I am!

During my time of the bids concerns have me. I have all of your contact information for my system, my phone and even on my computer. I've temporarily removed it from my life.

And soon, before it is completely out of my system, he made the first call. Asked how he did, and ended with a proposal, if it could speak and asked me whether we can go together.

It is important to take into account that her father never to a conclusion will come, that I miss you, if you are always there for him. If you know your guy in your absence, must avoid, contact him or contact him at least a few weeks. He is surprised with what will happen next.

If a woman on the former lover wants back, there are many steps that could be used. It has but be careful because a bad move and can cause your relationship to disappear forever.


  1. hmm i dunno what it means exactly but... hard to lost someone special...