Thursday, February 3, 2011

American to donate $ 360,000,000 on Facebook

A California court sentenced an American to donate $ 360,000,000 on Facebook and had hacked thousands of user IDs and launched Facebook users massive spam campaigns.
Spamming is not to play! Porembski Felipe by a court in San Jose (California) had cut several thousand convicted Facebook accounts for 116,000 ID (e-mail address and password) to launch spam campaigns in the community site.
The U.S., which was ordered to $ 360,000,000 in damages to Facebook, which has produced 7.2 million spam and unsolicited fraudulent e-mails such as network capital by the piracy of certain identifiers.
To condemn the pirates, Facebook introduced a file with about 8,000 complaints and 4,500 hits on the account to the federal court in California to remove.
After the editor Sophos security analysis to capture the members of Facebook, Felipe Porembski in phishing spam used. Additional resources have been saved if the user is trapped on the infected links on Facebook.
Since late 2009, Mark Zuckerberg, social networks, was a U.S. spammer was sentenced to pay a compensation of 711 million dollars to the members' accounts and launched massive waves of spam hack.

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