Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smarter Big Blue

IBM tried to use the power of social networks as a full component of its strategy "Smarter Planet.

The wave of social networking sites also attracts IBM. Planet In line with its overall strategy for Smarter Big Blue has an initiative by companies in adopting a "social" is intended to help.

At the meeting of the Lotusphere 2011 (Orlando, Florida), which ends on 03 February IBM pays special attention to the "perfect storm" ("perfect storm" in the original) for the "Social Business" (or as the integration benefits of Web 2.0 business solutions.)

Social networks are profoundly influenced society, while the growth of mobility and new distribution models through the cloud ("cloud computing").

A converged environment from IBM suggests that this dimension of social enterprises do not survive to maturity brings.

In fact, as a communication tool for students and young people were often the turn of the business world, the wave of Web 2.0 is to take in order to enhance the exchange between employees, partners and customers.

In this sense, IBM has a new initiative started to combine their corporate business, the use of smartphone and the cloud model. The company announced a new IT software and services for a mode of social partnership to take over "in the business process.

The aim is to achieve synergies, strengthen customer relationships, new ideas and improve the productivity of the team.

This is the social enterprise to Jeff Schick, vice president of social software from IBM: As business opportunities and new challenges through the use of the dynamics of the consumer Web 2.0 tools such as the popular Facebook (700 million users open) and Twitter (110 million program Tweets per day)?