Thursday, February 3, 2011

Google launches new mobile operating system Android

Google launches new mobile operating system Android SDK 3.0 "Honeycomb" which are designed specifically for touch screens, with a large screen compared to smartphones.

Google has just put online a demo version of Android SDK 3.0 "Beehive", a mobile operating system designed specifically for the shelves.

It is true that this tool is dedicated for developers, but it comes with one with which you try it on your computer emulator.

Android 3.0 is therefore a real desktop, 3D, presence management, and advanced components: System Tray, customizable home screens, improves the appearance of newer applications, virtual keyboard, etc.

massive support for multi-touch management of external devices (eg digital camera), the presence of an action line, with access to advanced features (such as a set of advanced functions: Applications to the shelves adapted text), the addition of Chrome cloud, etc.

Google also renewed support for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration (OpenGL), an improvement in performance. Android 3.0 is an ideal platform for games.

This is especially true because the entire operating system is optimized, including the Java Virtual Machine Dalvik for multicore processors. Google has also thought of the editors (the love in the shelves), proposes a rights-management system is very flexible and support for streaming multimedia streams.

Everything comes with applications for earlier versions of the operating system that automatically adapt to the big screen is, an element that is sometimes a problem with the tablets with a 2.x version of Android development.